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June 1st, 2023, ISSUE 484


Google Summer of Code 2023 Timeline

We are delighted to announce: the Scala Center has been accepted as a mentor organization for Google Summer of Code 2023!
Scala Center (@scala_lang)
Scala 3 Enums

In Scala, how do we model enumerations of values? What are the possible issues? How does Scala compare with Java? What are the changes in Scala 3?
Alexandru Nedelcu (@alexelcu)
fs2-kafka: hard choices, Pipes and Weaver tests

In this blogpost, Anton aims to make quick introduction to fs2.Pipe notion; discuss possibilities and limitations of turning error-flow into explicit pipeline; highlight some non-obvious aspects of offset commitment (especially when we distribute offsets over multiple streams).
Anton Kovalevsky (@antonkw_sky)
On the road to Scala 3

A story about steps taken towards migrating an advanced codebase, with all the important gotchas.
Shane Murphy (@smur89)
Encoding Base58: Understanding and implementing in Scala

I recently needed to convert to and from Base58. An existing crypto library was not an option, because I just needed one function exact function. However, I could not find a suitable Scala implementation, and the algorithm in the specification was unclear.
Edmundo Lopez Bobeda


Teach Your Web API To Speak Loud And Clear CLI!

In this presentation, Jorge Vasquez dives into a transformative feature of ZIO HTTP that will revolutionize the way you interact with your web APIs.
Jorge Vasquez (@jorvasquez2301)
Implementing a New ZIO Feature

You'll see firsthand how feature development in ZIO unfolds.
Adam Fraser (@adamfraser)
Performance Showdown: ZIO vs Akka-HTTP vs Rust

In a typical microservice scenario involving a JSON API making a database request to return a JWT, Willem compares the performance of each platform, all running against the same database.
Willem Vermeer (@willemvermeer)
ZIO Constraintless

By deferring the resolution of type class instances until interpretation, ZIO Constraintless offers unparalleled flexibility and modularity, empowering developers to customize DSLs while upholding type safety.
Afsal Thaj (@afsalt2)
100 Integration Tests Per Second - ZIO Meets Hexagonal Architecture

Piotr posits that the speed of iteration is a key enabler in engineering, and robust integration tests can significantly augment this process.
Piotr Gabryanczyk


How to get started with Scala & Video Games on JVM, June 12th, Wroclaw, Poland

Join the Wroclaw Scala User Group meetup!
Tomasz Godzik, Maciej Gorywoda
Why you should join us at Scala Days Seattle, June 5th - 7th

At Scala Days, you can explore the latest technology updates, interact with companies who use and help to improve Scala, learn new skills from some of the best Scala practitioners, and meet other enthusiastic Scala developers.
Xebia (@Xebia)
10% discount for the Scala 3 Metaprogramming (ALL-NEW) course for our readers!

Use code SCALATIMES10off and enjoy the course!
Ziverge (@zivergetech)
10% discount for LambdaConf, Sept 16th-19th, Boulder, Colorado

LambdaConf returns in its first edition after the pandemic, reimagined as a multi-disciplinary developer conference featuring thought-provoking, entertaining, and mind-blowing talks and workshops that will forever change the way you write software.
Ziverge (@zivergetech)
Call For Proposals - LambdaConf 2023

Send your talk and join LambdaConf!
Ziverge (@zivergetech)
Call for Volunteers - LambdaConf 2023

Become part of the team!
Ziverge (@zivergetech)
10% discount for Functional Scala, Nov 30th - Dec 1st, London

Use code ScalaTimesFS2023 and get our exclusive discount!
Ziverge (@zivergetech)


Scala 3.3.0 LTS

Here it is, the awaited Long Time Support release!
tapir 1.5.0

With possibility to ignore selected endpoints for logging, an update to path param error handling, plus some minor updates and refreshed dependencies.
tapir contributors
scala-cli 1.0.0

This version is going to become the official scala runner, replacing the old scala command.
scala-cli contributors

Sample trading domain model using Scala 3.
Debasish Ghosh (@debasishg)
zio-http v3.0.0-RC2

New release candidate brings quite a long list of updates and fixes!
zio-http contributors

Functional, stream-based CSV processor for Scala.
Robert Marek

  1. Scala Times Issue #500

    IntelliJScala @ Scala Days 2023 Madrid. OOP classes vs Higher-order Functions (HOFs). Work-in-Progress Scala 3 Specification. 10% discount for Functional Scala, Nov 30th - Dec 1st, London. LambdaConf 2024, May 4th-10th, Estes Park, Colorado.

  2. Scala Times Issue #499

    State of Scala 2023 by ScalaCenter and VirtusLab. JDK 21 LTS - All Features Explained!. The Scala Center Fundraising Campaign. So, What's So Special About The Mill Scala Build Tool?. Kyo: Toolkit for Scala Development.

  3. Scala Times Issue #498

    Generating a Rust client library for ZIO Http endpoints. Why Scala Dominates Data Engineering. CFP: NEScala 2023. London Scala Talks, Sept 20th. 10% discount for Functional Scala, Nov 30th - Dec 1st, London.

  4. Scala Times Issue #497

    Compare Task Processing Approaches in Scala. Temporal Workflows with ZIO: Introduction. REST APIs Using Play Framework and Scala: A Comprehensive Guide. Automating Data Transformations with ducktape. CFP: NEScala 2023.

  5. Scala Times Issue #496

    Lightbend transfers ownership of sbt to the Scala Center. Type safety with Iron. Scala Days Madrid, Sept 11th-12th. Performance Optimization on the JVM, Sept 11th-15th, Online. London Scala Talks, Sept 20th.

  6. Scala Times Issue #495

    Slack Bot in Scala and 12 Ways to Run It. Cost of boxing. Diving into ZIO Test 'Aspects'. Contribution Equals Impact. Do your Values align with FP Values?.

  7. Scala Times Issue #494

    Cats Effect vs ZIO. Principles of developing applications in Scala. The Scala Week in Madrid. Scala Days Madrid, Sept 11th-12th. Performance Optimization on the JVM, Sept 11th-15th, Online.

  8. Scala Times Issue #493

    Native app development with sttp and Scala Toolkit. ZIO Kafka with Jules & Erik. ScalaWAW #30, Aug 17th, Warsaw. Scala Days Madrid, Sept 11th-12th. Performance Optimization on the JVM, Sept 11th-15th, Online.

  9. Scala Times Issue #492

    Go-like channels in Scala: receive, send, and default clauses. IntelliJ Scala Plugin 2023.2 Is Out!. Scala Days Madrid, Sept 11th-12th. Performance Optimization on the JVM, Sept 11th-15th, Online. 10% discount for Functional Scala, Nov 30th - Dec 1st, London.

  10. Scala Times Issue #491

    Scala Websites Improvements. Signature polymorphic methods in Scala. Scala Center Roadmap for 2023 Q3. Zymposium - ZIO Maelstrom. Zymposium - Partial Functions & Future ZIO HTTP Features.

  11. Scala Times Issue #490

    How to implement streaming microservices with ZIO 2 and Kafka. Automation tools for Scala development. Introduction to optics in Scala. Comprehensive Data Validation in Scala. ZIO 2 Runtime Improvements .

  12. Scala Times Issue #489

    6 Common Misconceptions Around Akka-HTTP / Pekko-HTTP. "No More Orphans" in Practice. Interesting patterns to consume ZIO Streams. Why I keep choosing ZIO!. Breaking framework chains with vanilla Scala.

  13. Scala Times Issue #488

    Two types of futures. Chatbot Showdown: Typelevel Scala Edition. An intro to Flow Fields in Scala. Mastering ScalaTest - Exploring Tagging, Retry, Runner and More. Top Scala open source projects and contributors.

  14. Scala Times Issue #487

    5 Scala Libraries That Will Make Your Life Easier. Post-Conference Notes on Scala Days 2023 Seattle. Dependency Injection with Cats-effect Resource Monad. Developer Ecosystem Survey 2023. ScalaWAW #28, June 28th, Warsaw.

  15. Scala Times Issue #486

    Getting started with ZIO, part 1. Introducing ZIO Flow. The Business of the Scala Programming Language. ScalaWAW #28, June 28th, Warsaw. 10% discount for LambdaConf, Sept 16th-19th, Estes Park, Colorado.

  16. Scala Times Issue #485

    Functional Declarative Design. How to use Large Language Models for Scala documentation. Scala 3 Significant Indentation Woes: Sample. Iron updates: turning opaque types into value objects. Why we used Quill in RealWorld project?.

  17. Scala Times Issue #484

    Google Summer of Code 2023 Timeline. Scala 3 Enums. On the road to Scala 3. Encoding Base58: Understanding and implementing in Scala. Teach Your Web API To Speak Loud And Clear CLI!.

  18. Scala Times Issue #483

    A Splendid Scala Journey. From spring boot to ZIO. Two More Old Cents on Scala 3 Migration. Functional Design with Scala 3, May 29th-30th. 10% discount for LambdaConf, Sept 16th-19th, Boulder, Colorado.

  19. Scala Times Issue #482

    The Scala 3 compatibility story. The RedMonk Programming Language Rankings: January 2023. Akka: Enabling the Cloud to Edge Continuum. Writing a GitHub Action with Scala.js. Chain of responsability with Scala partial functions.

  20. Scala Times Issue #481

    Scala and Kotlin Under One Roof. Intermediate's guide to derivations in Scala: Magnolia. Replacing sbt with scala-cli in a simple project. Scala Server Security with Http4s: CORS and CSRF. Art of Scala, May 25th, Warsaw.

  21. Scala Times Issue #480

    More than just HelloWorld.json in sttp & upickle. Single-File JVM Apps: Rapid Development. Single-File JVM Apps Pt. 2: AWS Lambda Simplified. Mastering SBT: Tips and Tricks for Using Not-So-Common Features. Accumulate errors in Scala with typelevel cats.

  22. Scala Times Issue #479

    Kotlin Coroutines to Cats-Effect. Build your vocabulary with Scala affixes. Scala.js Interoperability with TypeScript/JavaScript. Introduction to Scala Development using VS Code. Call For Proposals - ZIO WORLD 2023 .

  23. Scala Times Issue #478

    Concurrency with Cats Effect. Using Vulcan Codecs with Kafka Java APIs. Scala Center Activity Report for 2023 Q1. Are you sure your Scala 3 opaque types don’t instantiate?. Underrated Scala Features and Hidden Gems in the Standard Library.

  24. Scala Times Issue #477

    Good practices for schema evolution with Protobuf using ScalaPB and fs2grpc. New Scala Build Tool. March 2023 - Scala Tooling Summit. Conferences are BACK! (Scalar Conf 2023 recap). Direct Style Scala.

  25. Scala Times Issue #476

    ZIO SQL: Type-safe SQL for ZIO applications. Go-like channels using project Loom and Scala. Functional Error Handling in Scala. Top 10 pattern matching tips in Scala. Programming in Scala: Carbon Footprint.

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