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October 28th, 2021, ISSUE 402


Developing your own Content Management System - Preface

A case study of a system where it was definitely worth it to build a custom CMS with Scala.
Łukasz Lenart (@lukaszlenart)
No leftovers: Working with pulls in fs2

fs2 is an excellent functional streaming library with a rich toolbox for transforming streams. But sometimes we need a transformation that’s outside that box. In this tutorial we’ll learn how to write custom transformations using the fs2.Pull datatype. By the end of it you’ll be able to write every stream transformation you can think of.
Zainab Ali (@_zainabali_)
Publishing Scala Code Coverage Results to CodeCov using Github Actions

Running CI/CD pipelines directly from GH Actions has become very popular for Open Source projects. Learn how to extend your pipeline with code coverage publishing.
PJ Fanning
The inline Modifier in Scala 3

In Scala 3, the inline modifier guarantees that the code is inlined and will give a compilation error if it’s not possible to inline the code. Learn all the various ways how to use this modifier.
Dataflow Analysis for Scala

Learn how the advanced DFA in Intellij affords tracking relations, support for known methods, detect incorrect conditions on collections, and many more great benefits.
Gerard Dróżdż


Programming with Functions #9: Try, for-comprehensions, and monadic laws

This is a continuation of the previous video. There we talked about Option, Either, and how to use them instead of throwing exceptions, here we talk about one more simple monad, Try, about the monadic laws, and about for-comprehensions - syntactic sugar which makes flatmaps much more readable.
Maciej Gorywoda (@makingthematrix)


ScalaCon, November 2nd - 5th

ScalaCon is a collaborative project brought to you by the folks behind Scala eXchange and Scala Days! Join us for two conferences packed with over 43 talks, networking opportunities, virtual sponsor booths, and a safe space for talking about our favorite language, its past , present, and future. Use code SCTIMES10 for a special discount for our readers!
ScalaCon (@scalacon)
Build Web Servers with ZIO (SF - Bay Area Edition), Nov 15th - 19th

In this course, developers will use ZIO and best-in-breed libraries to rapidly construct web applications that are scalable; easy to test, refactor, and maintain; and which never leak resources or deadlock. Use our link to get a 20% discount for Scala Times readers!
John A. De Goes (@jdegoes)
Functional Scala, Dec 2nd - 3rd

Functional Scala 2021 returns for another year of great talks, familiar and fresh spaces, and positive energy around the power of functional Scala for delivering compelling solutions to the toughest technology problems. Use promo code SCALATIMES10 for a discount for our readers!
Functional Scala (@FunScala2021)


fs2 3.2.0

This release features the incorporation of scodec-stream and codec-protocols in to fs2 proper.
fs2 contributors
Scala Native 0.4.1

Give it a try and run Scala natively on Windows!
Scala Native contributors
Metals v0.10.8

Scala 3.1.0 support, Expression evaluator for Scala 2, [Scala 2] Type annotations on code selection, Source file analyzer, Find text in dependency JAR files, and more!
Metals contributors

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    Safer Exceptions in Scala 3. Type Class Derivation in Scala 3. Learn Scala with Online Courses. Functional Programming in Scala. Migrating to Java 17.

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  4. Scala Times Issue #411

    Scala and Rust interoperability via JNI. Learn Doobie for the Greater Good. Scala Love CFP, February 18th, 2022, Online Event. ScalaMatsuri CFP, March 19th - 20th, 2022, Online Event. TypeVille CFP, April 20th - 23rd 2022, Krynica-Zdrój, Poland.

  5. Scala Times Issue #410

    My Dos and Donts in sbt Build Definitions. Scala Chat: Hello Discord (So Long, Gitter). Smart constructors for case classes. Gallia: a library for data transformation. Sourcegraph: Precise Code Intelligence for Java, Scala, and Kotlin.

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    ZIO environment: episode 3. Preparing Apache Kafka for Scala 3. How I Self-Published My First Technical Book. "Scala CLI" - Tool or Toy?. "Practical Functional Programming in Scala" Review.

  7. Scala Times Issue #408

    7 ZIO experts share why they choose ZIO. ENSIME: The Next Generation. Coding at 6am isn't fun. ScalaMatsuri CFP, March 19th - 20th, 2022, Online Event. TypeVille CP, April 20th - 23rd 2022.

  8. Scala Times Issue #407

    IntelliJ Scala Plugin 2021.3 Is Out!. Scala at Scale at Databricks. Akka Streams Backpressure. Zip and slide! (Advent of Code day 1). Ep 15: Advent of Code 2021 Day 1. Is it Traverse?.

  9. Scala Times Issue #406

    Security improvements in tapir 0.19. Retrying function calls in Scala. Parsing character encoding-dependent protocols with scodec in Scala. Introduction to ZIO. "Scala with Cats" Review.

  10. Scala Times Issue #405

    The programmer's brain in the lands of exploration and production. The Red Book - "Functional Programming in Scala" Review. Functional Scala, Dec 2nd - 3rd.

  11. Scala Times Issue #404

    On the future of Akka & Lightbend. Data Times - Big Data and ML enthusiasts news flash. Break free from your entangled code base! - Part 2. Scala at Scale at Databricks. Recursion pitfalls in IO monads and how to avoid them.

  12. Scala Times Issue #403

    The future of Lagom. Run a fs2-kafka stream with scala-cli and Scala 3. Demystifying Akka Streams' Materialized Values. Asynchronous Microservices with ZIO-gRPC and Scala. An identifier, by any other name, ….

  13. Scala Times Issue #402

    Developing your own Content Management System - Preface. No leftovers: Working with pulls in fs2. Publishing Scala Code Coverage Results to CodeCov using Github Actions. The inline Modifier in Scala 3. Dataflow Analysis for Scala.

  14. Scala Times Issue #401

    Proceedings of the 12th ACM SIGPLAN International Symposium on Scala. On the future of Play Framework. Scala 3 and Spark?. Trait parameters in Scala3 - a feature no one asked for?. ZIO from Scratch - Part 1.

  15. Scala Times Issue #400

    A Case Study in Incrementally Improving Code. Proof of Multi-Stage Programming with Generative and Analytical Macros. Testing client/server compatibility + error handling - SPFS #4. "Programming in Scala" Review. Type-Level Programming in Scala, Part 2: A Type-Level Quicksort.

  16. Scala Times Issue #399

    Akka Serverless: Developing with Java or Scala. Improving DateTimeFormatter.parseBest using Scala 3. Top Link of September: What’s Changed Since Scala 3.0.0. Scala Metals with Multiple Roots in a Workspace. Serverless Chats Episode 112: Abstracting Stateful Serverless with Jonas Bonér.

  17. Scala Times Issue #398

    Fast number parsing in Scala. On TF and ZIO in 2021. Trace your microservices with ZIO Telemetry. Scala isn't Hard: How to Master Scala Step by Step. Scala 3 publishing plan for scalameta.

  18. Scala Times Issue #397

    Akka gRPC update delivers 1200% performance improvement (so what happened?). Using BSP effectively in IntelliJ and Scala. ZIO Hackathon, Oct 29th - 31st (CET). ScalaCon, November 2nd - 5th. Functional Scala, Dec 2nd - 3rd.

  19. Scala Times Issue #396

    Monitoring Akka applications with Mesmer and OpenTelemetry. Building Next Gen Applications on JVM with ZIO. Where the ZIO Roadmap is Headed Next. Announcing Data Times. SBT Tutorial - Part 1.

  20. Scala Times Issue #395

    Akka gRPC benchmarks. Scala 3: What’s Changed Since Scala 3.0.0. ZIO Hackathon, Oct 29th - 31st (CET). ScalaCon, November 2nd - 5th. Functional Scala, Dec 2nd - 3rd.

  21. Scala Times Issue #394

    A Preview of Logging in ZIO 2.0. Number (part 2). Fuzzy, lazy, functional numeric computing in Scala. Advances In The ZIO 2.0 Scheduler. Effective Programming in Scala.

  22. Scala Times Issue #393

    Incorporating Plotly into your Zeppelin notebooks with Spark and Scala. What is F[_] in Scala?. A pure functional Primality Test in Scala. Using oracles to test the service and data layer. ZIO Hackathon, Oct 29th - 31st (CET).

  23. Scala Times Issue #392

    ScalaCache: A Caching Library To Rule Them All. Migrating from IntelliJ IDEA to VSCode and Metals. Announcing Data Times. Building Twitter's backend RPC services with Finagle. ZIO Hackathon, Oct 29th - 31st (CET).

  24. Scala Times Issue #391

    Spark ML hyperparameter tuning. Number (part 1). Announcing Data Times. ZLayer DSL - Getting Started with ZIO in Scala3. ZIO Hackathon, Oct 29th - 31st (CET).

  25. Scala Times Issue #390

    Understanding Comparative Benchmarks. Announcing Scala.js 1.7.0. Announcing Data Times. Why Should You Care About Referential Transparency?. GitHub Copilot for Scala - Does it work?.

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