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May 23rd, 2024, ISSUE 533


Apache Pekko becomes a Top-Level Project

Leading framework for building applications that are concurrent, distributed, resilient and elastic graduates to TLP.
Apache Software Foundation
Scala Meetup at Evolution

A few weeks ago, Functional Software organized a Scala Meetup together with Evolution.
Functional Software Stockholm
Purify Your Tests: 2 Parametric, 2 Declarative

In the last part we learned how to purify our tests using type parameters. In this and following parts we'll see some further benefits of adding type parameters this way.
Daniel Beskin
Introducing TARP Stack – Tapir, React and PostgreSQL

I'm really excited to demonstrate how productive you can be with this tech stack. Let's start building, shall we!
James Jiang (@jamesjg_)
IO effect tracking using Ox

The broader goal of the IO capability feature is for method signatures to be truthful and specify the possible side effects, failure modes, and timing of methods in a reasonably precise and practical way.
Adam Warski (@adamwarski)
Announcing Business4s: a new value proposition for Scala

We have an incredible language and rich ecosystem. Now it’s time to build on top of that.
Voytek Pituła (@Krever01)


ScalaMatsuri, June 7th-9th, Tokyo, Japan

The largest international Scala conference in Asia.
ScalaMatsuri (@ScalaMatsuri)


Uncovering the benefits and challenges of ZIO2 and Scala 3 at Wolt

Wolt has a vibrant Scala community where software engineers use a variety of patterns and frameworks to build services. One common pattern is using ZIO2 and Scala 3 to build small, simple, and could-native microservices quickly. In this talk, Thomas will go through the benefits and challenges of this approach as well as how the approach fits into Wolt's infrastructure and co-exists with other approaches.
Thomas Harper
Explore your Smithy models with the CLI

This video outlines the capabilities of the Smithy CLI, and goes in depth on using it to get information about your shapes with selectors and the model AST.
Jakub Kozłowski (@kubukoz)
Exploring build caching: a practical overview

Recording from Scalar Conference 2024. In this talk, we will start with the basics, understanding what build caching is and why it can be a bit tricky to handle in real projects. Looking at a quick history of build caching in Scala, we will see how it has evolved and how you can leverage existing build caching capabilities in sbt today. I’ll share some practical insights on making the most of build caching when using sbt. Finally, we’ll look at what the future holds for build caching with sbt 1 and 2 and see how you can prepare for it.
Martin Duhem (@mnduhem)
The debatably Free monad

The purpose of this talk is to re-invent `Free` from first principles. Along the way, we'll touch on a variety of useful topics: defunctionalisation, interpretation, and how to figure out how to implement thorny functions by merely looking at them as paths in a graph.
Nicolas Rinaudo (@NicolasRinaudo)


Akka 24.05

Key ares: Zero Trust, Security and Compliance; Performance through Database sharding, Java 21 is now certified, Akka Edge Rust and enhancements for Edge use cases.
Lightbend (@lightbend)
munit 1.0.0

This was long time coming and finally we are out of milestones and ready for a new chapter of munit. New features: async support for fixtures, introduce "strict equality" mode for asserts, make printers more easily configurable, diff module extracted to a separate module.
munit contributors
chimney 1.0.0

Release 1.0.0 is the culmination of 7 years of development. Congratulations!
chimney contributors
sttp-openai 0.2.0

New client version switches to the v2 OpenAI API.
SoftwareMill (@softwaremill)
Metals 1.3.1 - Thallium

Resolve classpath lazily in Bazel, replace slowTask with LSP progress, support for starting Metals for a single file without a workspace.
Metals contributors
Soundness: Wisteria

Wisteria is a generic macro for automatic materialization of typeclasses for datatypes composed from product types (e.g. case classes) and coproduct types (e.g. enums). It supports recursively-defined datatypes out-of-the-box, and incurs no significant time-penalty during compilation.
Jon Pretty (@propensive)
neotype 0.2.13

Now with support for Caliban and Chimney.
Pierre Ricadat (@ghostdogpr)
kyo 0.10.0

This version introduces new major features and important fixes!
kyo contributors

Allows you to remove ad/tracking query params from a given URL in Scala.
Daniil Sivak
sttp-oauth2 0.19.0

The project is now under the wings of Polyvariant, congrats!

Virgil is a functional Cassandra client built using Kyo, Magnolia and the Datastax 4.x Java drivers for Scala 3.
Calvin Lee Fernandes (@cal_fern)

A Direct-Style Scala Wrapper Around the Structural Concurrency of Project Loom.
Riccardo Cardin (@riccardo_cardin)
Soundness: Quantitative

Quantitative represents physical quantities with a generic Quantity type, an opaque alias of Double, which statically encodes the value's units in its type parameter. This provides all the desirable homogeneity constraints when combining quantities, with the performance of Doubles, and without compromising on intuitive syntax for arithmetic operations. Quantities can be multiplied and divided arbitrarily, with new units computed by the compiler, and checked for consistency in additions and subtractions.
Jon Pretty (@propensive)

  1. Scala Times Issue #536

    Scala 3 improvements in Metals (and hopefully, IntelliJ IDEA). Purify Your Tests III: Lean, Mean Testing Machine. 12 years of the com.lihaoyi Scala Platform. Scala Is Not Going Anywhere. OpenTelemetry With Scala Futures.

  2. Scala Times Issue #535

    GraphQL in Scala: Role-Based Access Control. WebSocket chat using structured concurrency, Ox & Tapir. Tapir tutorials, part 1. Scala 2.13 LTS planning. A Sighting of filterA in Typelevel Rite of Passage.

  3. Scala Times Issue #534

    Lagom is approaching end of life: possible migration paths. WebSockets in Scala, Part 2: Integrating Redis and PostgreSQL. Scala service combined with PostgreSQL, Flyway, Doobie, Ciris, IO(Cats Effects), Http4s…. Akka 24.05: More Security. More Performance. More Efficiency.. Forking and Interruption in ZIO.

  4. Scala Times Issue #533

    Apache Pekko becomes a Top-Level Project. Scala Meetup at Evolution. Purify Your Tests: 2 Parametric, 2 Declarative. Introducing TARP Stack – Tapir, React and PostgreSQL. IO effect tracking using Ox.

  5. Scala Times Issue #532

    Duchess at Scala.io. Purify Your Tests. Tuning ZIO for high performance. JetBrains Joins the Scala Center Advisory Board!. Introducing com-lihaoyi Issue Bounties.

  6. Scala Times Issue #531

    Que es un Higher-Kinded Type de Scala?. ScalaMatsuri, June 7th-9th, Tokyo, Japan. Custom-compile errors with a venegance. Data Engineering at Netflix using Apache Spark and Flink.

  7. Scala Times Issue #530

    Direct-style Effects Explained. How to build AI apps with Scala 3 & Besom. Spec-first and code-first, hand in hand. ScalaMatsuri, June 7th-9th, Tokyo, Japan. Direct Style Scala Stack - An Experiment.

  8. Scala Times Issue #529

    Jacek Kunicki - My Scala Story. Kalix tutorial: Building invoice application. Safe direct-style Scala: Ox 0.1.0 released. LambdaConf, May 4th-10th, Estes Park, Colorado. LambdaConf - The Grand Hackathon Finale, May 10th.

  9. Scala Times Issue #528

    Lean Scala: Reddit discussion. Learn Functional Programming The Fast Way!. Caliban on Tailcalls's GraphQL benchmarks. LambdaConf, May 4th-10th, Estes Park, Colorado. LambdaConf - The Grand Hackathon Finale, May 10th.

  10. Scala Times Issue #527

    How implicits are useful . ScalaWAW #32, Apr 18th, Warsaw. LambdaConf, May 4th-10th, Estes Park, Colorado. LambdaConf - The Grand Hackathon Finale, May 10th. ScalaMatsuri, June 7th-9th, Tokyo, Japan.

  11. Scala Times Issue #526

    Announcing the Scala Ambassadors initiative. Supporting high-performance response streaming in Shardcake. IntelliJ Scala Plugin 2024.1 Is Out!. LambdaConf, May 4th-10th, Estes Park, Colorado. ScalaMatsuri, June 7th-9th, Tokyo, Japan.

  12. Scala Times Issue #525

    Scams in the Scala Community update. Why we bet on Scala at SwissBorg. Capture Checking in Scala 3.4. Why Effects libs? . Benchmarking Tapir: Part 3 (Loom).

  13. Scala Times Issue #524

    Tapir dropping Scala 2.12 support. Scala 3 Roadmap for 2024. Leveraging sbt remote caching on a big modular monolith. Krzysztof Ciesielski - My Scala Story. The Montréal Effect: Why Programming Languages Need a Style Czar.

  14. Scala Times Issue #523

    Zainab Ali - My Scala Story. Handling errors in direct-style Scala. Scala 3.3.2 post-mortem analysis. Distributed Context Propagation with otel4s. Pre-SIP: Improve Syntax for Context Bounds and Givens.

  15. Scala Times Issue #522

    The Functional Programming in Scala Course Is Out!. Shipping your code to cloud with Scala, Besom and Pulumi. Flavors of shared state in Cats Effect. Pekko Akka Compatibility. Benchmarking Tapir: Part 2.

  16. Scala Times Issue #521

    What to do with your End Of Life Akka?. Introducing Playwright-jsEnv for unit testing in scala-js environments. The holy graal of GitHub Actions. Gabriel Volpe - My Scala Story. Game development in Scala.js with David Smith.

  17. Scala Times Issue #520

    My team built and productionized a custom rate limiter in Scala. Benchmarking Tapir: Part 1. WebSockets in Http4s. Improving my Distributed System with Scala 3 (Part 2). Tomas Mikula - My Scala Story.

  18. Scala Times Issue #519

    Debugging session #1: zio-logging & quill. Scala Developer Advocate open hours - AMA . Better Shell Scripting with Scala-CLI. C-style for loops in Scala 3. Paweł Marks - My Scala Story.

  19. Scala Times Issue #518

    Scala Center Roadmap for 2024. Maciej Gorywoda - My Scala Story. Vladyslav Pekker - My Scala Story. Nicolas Rinaudo - My Scala Story. Adam Warski - My Scala Story.

  20. Scala Times Issue #517

    #1BRC in Scala & Scala-Native. Errors happen. Can we get rid of them using ZIO Test?. Scala IO, Feb 15th-16th, Nantes, France. Functional stream processing workshop before Scalar, Mar 20th, Warsaw, Poland. Scalar, March 21st - 22nd, Warsaw, Poland.

  21. Scala Times Issue #516

    GraphQL in Scala: Handling side effects. Type class constraints in object algebras. Migrating event sourced Akka application from CockroachDB to AlloyDB. Jakub Kozłowski - My Scala Story. Scala 3: My migration journey.

  22. Scala Times Issue #515

    Deriving Tail Recursive Fibonacci. Virtual Threads Looming with Adam Warski. Scala Meetup, Jan 31st, Hamburg, Germany. Scala Meetup @ MOIA feat. VirtusLab, Feb 1st, Berlin, Germany. Scala IO, Feb 15th-16th, Nantes, France.

  23. Scala Times Issue #514

    Kotlin from Scala perspective: Advent Of Code 2023. Partially applied functions and currying. GraphQL in Scala: Advanced Schema Generation. Async File IO. Update NextDNS with a Scala CLI script.

  24. Scala Times Issue #513

    Scala 2 Macro Tutorial. A Beginner's Guide to GraphQL in Scala. Writing modular application using the Kyo library. What Can Scala Learn from Rust?. Scala IO 2024, Feb 15th-16th, Nantes, France.

  25. Scala Times Issue #512

    Scala's great ecosystem. What Can Scala Learn from Rust?. Scala IO 2024, Feb 15th-16th, Nantes, France. Scalar 2024 CFP, March 21st-22nd, Warsaw, Poland. LambdaConf 2024, May 4th-10th, Estes Park, Colorado.

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