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March 14th, 2024, ISSUE 523


Zainab Ali - My Scala Story

A functional programmer, educator, open source contributor and organizer of the London Scala User Group. She is a maintainer of fs2 and the original author of its reactive streams component. For the past five years, she’s helped developers master the art of functional programming in Scala.
Zainab Ali (@_zainabali_)
Handling errors in direct-style Scala

Let's explore the possibilities of elegant error handling in Scala direct style and Ox.
Adam Warski (@adamwarski)
Scala 3.3.2 post-mortem analysis

Last week, we announced the release of Scala 3.4.0 and 3.3.3. The announcement mentioned that we had to skip 3.3.2 due to a bug breaking our forward binary compatibility guarantees in a patch release. In this post, we take a closer look at what happened, why it slipped through our existing testing processes, and what steps we are taking so that it does not happen again in the future.
Sébastien Doeraene (@sjrdoeraene)
Distributed Context Propagation with otel4s

In this blog post we will create a mock distributed application and instrument it with distributed tracing using otel4s. This application will be made up of a http server, a gRPC server, the Kafka message broker and multiple data stores. By doing this we will show how we can trace one logical request across multiple network boundaries, and how this can be used for debugging and performance optimization.
Matt Langsenkamp
Pre-SIP: Improve Syntax for Context Bounds and Givens

It contains new syntax that supersedes some existing syntax that was introduced in 3.0, so it’s better to make the change at a time when not that much code using the new syntax is written yet. By contrast the other two areas maybe quite as important but less urgent. The set of changes proposed here are valuable to have, even if the other two areas are not, or not yet, accepted.
Martin Odersky (@Odersky)
Essential Effects book updated to Cats Effect 3

Check out the freshly updated book!
Adam Rosien (@arosien)
Two-phase consensus with functional Scala

Use the endless-transaction library to achieve consistency in microservices with distributed transactions and a flexible two-phase commit protocol.
Jonas Chapuis (@JonasChapuis)
Deriving the Elm Architecture

Indigo and Tyrian are both based on flavours of the Elm architecture; But why that architecture pattern, and how does it work? In this post, we define some desired principles of how we'd like to program a Graphical User Interface (GUI), and watch the Elm architecture's API inevitably emerge.
Dave Smith (@davidjamessmith)
Implementing a REST service using the ZIO-HTTP high-level EndPoints API

The implementation of this REST service uses ZIO HTTP, a Scala library used for building HTTP servers and clients in a purely functional way, and REDIS, an in-memory data structure store used to implement a cache to speed up the response for an organization previously requested.
Americo Vargas (@AVargasVillazon)


Foundations of Functional Programming in Scala

The entire course playlist now available for free.
Julien Truffaut (@JulienTruffaut)

A high speed tour.
Kit Langton (@kitlangton)
Releasing Kyo: When Performance Meets Elegance In Scala by Flavio Brasil

In this presentation, Flavio introduces Kyo, a next-gen effect system for Scala, offering a fresh approach with algebraic effects. Kyo stands out by avoiding complex Category Theory and cryptic symbols, making development intuitive yet robust. It extends ZIO's effect rotation for greater flexibility and simpler design, also featuring direct syntax and a wide range of built-in effects. Dive into the unveiling of Kyo, its design philosophy, and performance benchmarks.
Flavio Brasil (@flaviowbrasil)
Discover SwissBorg

Voytek Pituła, a Staff Software Engineer at SwissBorg, joins us to shed light on their journey and the role Scala plays in their success.
Voytek Pituła (@Krever01)


Save 10% on a BUNDLE offer: Scalar ticket + Functional stream processing workshop with Zainab Ali

Elevate your Scalar experience with a special offer exclusive to Scala Times subscribers. Use the code: ScalaTimes10 to unlock a 10% discount on a bundle that includes a regular Scalar ticket and a hands-on workshop. Supercharge your streams with cats-effect and fs2 and make your Scalar experience truly unforgettable.
Zainab Ali (@_zainabali_)
Save 10% on a BUNDLE offer: Scalar ticket + Full-stack Scala 3 workshop with Daniel Ciocîrlan

Elevate your Scalar experience with a special offer exclusive to Scala Times subscribers. Use the code: ScalaTimes10 to unlock a 10% discount on a bundle that includes a regular Scalar ticket and a hands-on workshop. Learn full stack Scala 3 with ZIO and friends, and make your Scalar experience truly unforgettable.
Daniel Ciocîrlan (@rockthejvm)
Save 10% on a Scalar ticket

Last chance to join Scalar! Use the code: ScalaTimes10 to unlock a 10% discount on a regular Scalar ticket. During the conference: 25 awesome talks on FP, Scala, use-cases, data science, Native, JS, and more; celebrating 20 years of Scala at the community party!.
Scalar Conference (@scalarconf)
LambdaConf, May 4th-10th, Estes Park, Colorado

Get ready!
LambdaConf (@lambda_conf)
ScalaMatsuri, June 7th-9th, Tokyo, Japan

The largest international Scala conference in Asia.
ScalaMatsuri (@ScalaMatsuri)


Jar Jar Abrams 1.14.0 and sbt-assembly 2.2.0

Jar Jar Abrams is an experimental extension to Jar Jar Links, intended to shade Scala libraries.

  1. Scala Times Issue #541

    Tapir documentation improvements. Checked exceptions: fixed!. Use cases for Scala. ScalaWAW #33 - beach party! Jul 25th. Lambda World. Oct 2nd - 4th, Cadiz, Spain.

  2. Scala Times Issue #540

    PureConfig with Scala 3 - Tutorial. Developer Experience in Open Source Software. "Learn Functional Programming The Fast Way!" PDF is free. ScalaBridge London @ SiriusXM!, Jul 18th. ScalaWAW #33 - beach party! Jul 25th.

  3. Scala Times Issue #539

    YAML as a valid Scala 3 code. ExecutionContext.parasitic and Friends. ScalaBridge London @ SiriusXM!, Jul 18th. Lambda World. Oct 2nd - 4th, Cadiz, Spain. Faster and less mysterious sbt builds with Develocity.

  4. Scala Times Issue #538

    Make Impossible States Unrepresentable: Network Edition!. Ten things I like about Scala 3. Compiling Bad Code. The ZIO 2 “mental model”. JetBrains course: Functional Programming in Scala.

  5. Scala Times Issue #537

    A Logic Circuit Simulator with Cats-Actors. Magda Stożek - My Scala Story. Lambda World. Oct 2nd - 4th, Cadiz, Spain. ScalaBridge London Jun 20th, 2024. Armored type safety with Iron.

  6. Scala Times Issue #536

    Scala 3 improvements in Metals (and hopefully, IntelliJ IDEA). Purify Your Tests III: Lean, Mean Testing Machine. 12 years of the com.lihaoyi Scala Platform. Scala Is Not Going Anywhere. OpenTelemetry With Scala Futures.

  7. Scala Times Issue #535

    GraphQL in Scala: Role-Based Access Control. WebSocket chat using structured concurrency, Ox & Tapir. Tapir tutorials, part 1. Scala 2.13 LTS planning. A Sighting of filterA in Typelevel Rite of Passage.

  8. Scala Times Issue #534

    Lagom is approaching end of life: possible migration paths. WebSockets in Scala, Part 2: Integrating Redis and PostgreSQL. Scala service combined with PostgreSQL, Flyway, Doobie, Ciris, IO(Cats Effects), Http4s…. Akka 24.05: More Security. More Performance. More Efficiency.. Forking and Interruption in ZIO.

  9. Scala Times Issue #533

    Apache Pekko becomes a Top-Level Project. Scala Meetup at Evolution. Purify Your Tests: 2 Parametric, 2 Declarative. Introducing TARP Stack – Tapir, React and PostgreSQL. IO effect tracking using Ox.

  10. Scala Times Issue #532

    Duchess at Scala.io. Purify Your Tests. Tuning ZIO for high performance. JetBrains Joins the Scala Center Advisory Board!. Introducing com-lihaoyi Issue Bounties.

  11. Scala Times Issue #531

    Que es un Higher-Kinded Type de Scala?. ScalaMatsuri, June 7th-9th, Tokyo, Japan. Custom-compile errors with a venegance. Data Engineering at Netflix using Apache Spark and Flink.

  12. Scala Times Issue #530

    Direct-style Effects Explained. How to build AI apps with Scala 3 & Besom. Spec-first and code-first, hand in hand. ScalaMatsuri, June 7th-9th, Tokyo, Japan. Direct Style Scala Stack - An Experiment.

  13. Scala Times Issue #529

    Jacek Kunicki - My Scala Story. Kalix tutorial: Building invoice application. Safe direct-style Scala: Ox 0.1.0 released. LambdaConf, May 4th-10th, Estes Park, Colorado. LambdaConf - The Grand Hackathon Finale, May 10th.

  14. Scala Times Issue #528

    Lean Scala: Reddit discussion. Learn Functional Programming The Fast Way!. Caliban on Tailcalls's GraphQL benchmarks. LambdaConf, May 4th-10th, Estes Park, Colorado. LambdaConf - The Grand Hackathon Finale, May 10th.

  15. Scala Times Issue #527

    How implicits are useful . ScalaWAW #32, Apr 18th, Warsaw. LambdaConf, May 4th-10th, Estes Park, Colorado. LambdaConf - The Grand Hackathon Finale, May 10th. ScalaMatsuri, June 7th-9th, Tokyo, Japan.

  16. Scala Times Issue #526

    Announcing the Scala Ambassadors initiative. Supporting high-performance response streaming in Shardcake. IntelliJ Scala Plugin 2024.1 Is Out!. LambdaConf, May 4th-10th, Estes Park, Colorado. ScalaMatsuri, June 7th-9th, Tokyo, Japan.

  17. Scala Times Issue #525

    Scams in the Scala Community update. Why we bet on Scala at SwissBorg. Capture Checking in Scala 3.4. Why Effects libs? . Benchmarking Tapir: Part 3 (Loom).

  18. Scala Times Issue #524

    Tapir dropping Scala 2.12 support. Scala 3 Roadmap for 2024. Leveraging sbt remote caching on a big modular monolith. Krzysztof Ciesielski - My Scala Story. The Montréal Effect: Why Programming Languages Need a Style Czar.

  19. Scala Times Issue #523

    Zainab Ali - My Scala Story. Handling errors in direct-style Scala. Scala 3.3.2 post-mortem analysis. Distributed Context Propagation with otel4s. Pre-SIP: Improve Syntax for Context Bounds and Givens.

  20. Scala Times Issue #522

    The Functional Programming in Scala Course Is Out!. Shipping your code to cloud with Scala, Besom and Pulumi. Flavors of shared state in Cats Effect. Pekko Akka Compatibility. Benchmarking Tapir: Part 2.

  21. Scala Times Issue #521

    What to do with your End Of Life Akka?. Introducing Playwright-jsEnv for unit testing in scala-js environments. The holy graal of GitHub Actions. Gabriel Volpe - My Scala Story. Game development in Scala.js with David Smith.

  22. Scala Times Issue #520

    My team built and productionized a custom rate limiter in Scala. Benchmarking Tapir: Part 1. WebSockets in Http4s. Improving my Distributed System with Scala 3 (Part 2). Tomas Mikula - My Scala Story.

  23. Scala Times Issue #519

    Debugging session #1: zio-logging & quill. Scala Developer Advocate open hours - AMA . Better Shell Scripting with Scala-CLI. C-style for loops in Scala 3. Paweł Marks - My Scala Story.

  24. Scala Times Issue #518

    Scala Center Roadmap for 2024. Maciej Gorywoda - My Scala Story. Vladyslav Pekker - My Scala Story. Nicolas Rinaudo - My Scala Story. Adam Warski - My Scala Story.

  25. Scala Times Issue #517

    #1BRC in Scala & Scala-Native. Errors happen. Can we get rid of them using ZIO Test?. Scala IO, Feb 15th-16th, Nantes, France. Functional stream processing workshop before Scalar, Mar 20th, Warsaw, Poland. Scalar, March 21st - 22nd, Warsaw, Poland.

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