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February 6th, 2020, ISSUE 313


Happy eyeballs algorithm using ZIO

Living in the Scala world, a natural question arises: what would this look like in Scala? After all, Scala is the language to tame concurrency problems!
Adam Warski (@adamwarski)
How (not) to use shapeless for cross-layer conversions in Scala

Jsonifying class field names? Let’s try to accomplish the task using shapeless.
Mikołaj Koziarkiewicz (@mikolak_net)
So you want to compose some functions

There are monoids for functions, and you can use these to get some nice compositions.
Lars Hupel (@larsr_h)
RESTful error handling with Akka HTTP and the library “endpoints”

Implementing RESTful services comes with challenges, this article addresses two of them: keeping a uniform representation of technical and business errors, and reducing the cost of maintaining the documentation.
Julien Richard Foy (@julienrf)
MUnit is a new Scala testing library · MUnit

You may be thinking "Why create Yet Another Scala testing library?". It's a good question and this post is my attempt to explain the motivations for creating MUnit.
Ólafur Páll Geirsson (@olafurpg)
Identify Side Effects And Refactor Fearlessly

In this article we will solely focus on the aspect of side effects and strictly speaking on how to identify them.
Leif Battermann (@leifbattermann)
5 (more) pitfalls to avoid when starting to work with ZIO

Second part of the series.
Natan Silnitsky (@NSilnitsky)
GraphQL in Scala with Caliban - Part 2 - Query optimization

It is very common to have deeply nested schemas where each inner field might require gathering data from a database. Ideally, we’d like to keep these calls to a minimum.
Pierre Ricadat (@ghostdogpr)
Announcing Dotty 0.22.0-RC1 - syntactic enhancements, type-level arithmetic and more

The version brings syntactic enhancements for extension methods and context parameters, as well as the kind projector syntax.
Anatolii Kmetiuk (@AKmetyuk)
Hack: How to Use Scala Futures with Cats IO

The article demonstrates a common trap you might fall into during the integration process.
Tamas Polgar (@TamasPolgar)
Dependency Injection using Self Types in Scala (Cake Pattern)

Self-types in action? Piece of cake!
Sayan Chakraborty
K-Means clustering with Apache Spark and Zeppelin notebook on Docker

Running ML model with IntelliJ IDEA on local spark environment.
λ.eranga (@itseranga)
Beating Textbook Algorithms in String Search

Performance of string search algorithms in Scala.
Linas Medžiūnas (@LinasMedziunas)
Vectos - Tracing with cats-tagless and ZIO

A nice tool to do root cause analysis and find bottlenecks.
Mark de Jong (@mark_dj)
Checklist for learning Scala

Based on this experience and the idea of lean learning: the right setting for everyone who wants to start a journey with Scala.
Horia Constantin (@ConstantinHoria)
Scala for Python developers

How to switch to Scala?
Antoine Doeraene (@doe_antoine)
Pure Function vs Referential Transparency

A manual of the problem solver.
Edward Huang
Part 1: Application of literal and dependent object types in Scala 2.13

How parametrization of a function with unconstrained String literals lures engineers to write not reliable software and how type-unsafe functions can become safe with an alternative design, which combines literal types, dependent-object types, and type class instances.
Yevgen Nerush (@nerush)


Data Juggling - Part 3 - Optics Explained (Monocle - Part 2)

In this video we will take a look at Isos, Prisms, Optionals and of course Lenses. We will also briefly touch upon Folds and Traversals.
DevInsideYou (@DevInsideYou)
Basic streams and combinators in fs2

In this video, you'll learn about basic streams and operators from the fs2 library. You'll also learn some of what makes fs2 Stream different than the typical collection.
Jakub Kozłowski (@kubukoz)


Scalar, March 19th-21st 2020, Warsaw, Poland

Get ready for the workshop-driven FP event in Poland!
SoftwareMill (@scalarconf)
ZIO Hackathon, March 22nd-23rd 2020, Warsaw, Poland

Over the course of two days, we will share and learn about ZIO and related projects; chat about functional programming, functional Scala, and much more; work on fun projects; and get to know one another.
Ziverge (@zivergetech)
ScalaUA, April 3th-4th 2020, Kyiv, Ukraine

Wholesale 10+ tickets are available till 2020.04.02.
ScalaUA (@ScalaUA_Conf)
flatMap(Oslo), May 14th-15th 2020, Oslo, Norway

The call for papers are open til until 1st of March. Also, user our link for a special discount for Scala Times readers!
flatMap(Oslo) (@flatmaposlo)


cats-effect 2.1.0

New SyncEffect typeclass, Concurrent#background function, Resource is now covariant in both its F[_] and A, There is now a Parallel instance for Resource, Scala.js 1.0 support and many more updates!
cats-effect contributors

Simple, idiomatic logging for ZIO apps, with tracing and pluggable backends out of the box.
zio-logging contributors
sbt 1.3.8

Fix for Coursier resolvers so the project resolvers come first, also a fix for Zinc causing intermittent NullPointerException.
sbt contributors


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  1. Scala Times Issue #320

    New feature: Search!. Bake your bread tagless-final style. User-land compiler warnings in Scala. Zio ZLayer with playframework. Testing background process with ZIO.

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    From idea to product with ZLayer. Edge to Cloud: Building the Tesla Virtual Power Plant . What's the Point of Applicative?. Using ScalaCheck with MUnit. Monitoring and tracing for Akka applications under kubernetes (k8s).

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    Akka Cluster application design. Spring to ZIO 101. NE Scala in the Time of Social Distancing. Scala 3 support in IntelliJ Scala plugin. Separate Docker Layers for Dependencies and App JARs.

  4. Scala Times Issue #317

    Using Google Datastore with akka-persistence. Functional Program (Re)Design. Writing native CLI applications in Scala with GraalVM. Data Juggling - Part 8 - Getting Started with refined. Fundamentals of Scala, March 14th-15th, Lagos, Nigeria.

  5. Scala Times Issue #316

    How to publish a Scala library in GitHub. Announcing Cats STM 0.7.0. Baking Peixinhos da Horta with ING’s Baker Library. Fundamentals of Scala, March 14th-15th, Lagos, Nigeria. Stairway to Scala Workshop, March 16th-20th, San Damiano, CA, USA.

  6. Scala Times Issue #315

    ZIO for IntelliJ. Scala 2 community build reaches goals. Cats Effect Ref. Using Dotty Union types with Akka Typed – Part II. Caliban Client: a type-safe GraphQL Client for Scala and Scala.js.

  7. Scala Times Issue #314

    Using Dotty Union types with Akka Typed. My FP Journey. Creating a dead simple CountDownLatch with ZIO. ZIO STM: CountDownLatch in two lines. 2019 Scala Developer Survey.

  8. Scala Times Issue #313

    Building Serverless Scala Services with GraalVM. Alpakka Kafka 2.0 Released | @lightbend. Haskell for impatient Scala developer: Getting into speed. Building useful Scalacheck Generators. Easily create New Sync Types with ZIO STM.

  9. Scala Times Issue #312

    Happy eyeballs algorithm using ZIO. How (not) to use shapeless for cross-layer conversions in Scala. So you want to compose some functions. RESTful error handling with Akka HTTP and the library “endpoints”. MUnit is a new Scala testing library · MUnit.

  10. Scala Times Issue #311

    Introducing error reporting in optics. GraphQL in Scala with Caliban - Part 1. Tidying up your SBT file with Scala. Dependency injection with Reader Monad in Scala. Etcd watch API integration with scala and cats-effect.

  11. Scala Times Top Links of 2019

    January: Scala Best Practices. February: Is your Scala object always a singleton?. April: Did Functional Programming get it wrong?. May: The little gems of Scala standard library. June: The Evolution of a Scala Programmer.

  12. Scala Times Issue #310

    Git hooks in Scala projects  - the easy way!. Testing Doobie programs. Implementing typeclasses in Scala I. Effective testing with ZIO Test. Akka Streams: error handling in event processing pipelines.

  13. Scala Times Issue #309

    Towards more functional Play — Part 2. TMWL’ Dec 19 — Scala 3 overview, Scala hacks and DevOps hints. Scala etcd client with etcd4s and cats-effects. Boilerplate-free type class definition. GCP Cloud Functions with Scala.js in 10 lines(ish).

  14. Scala Times Issue #308

    Towards more functional Play  -  Part 1. ZIO environment meets constructor-based dependency injection. How-to run tests in parallel with sbt. Learn myself some Scala 3, episode 4: strict equality. 5 pitfalls to avoid when starting to work with ZIO.

  15. Scala Times Issue #307

    Standardizing IO Interfaces for Scala Libraries. WebSocket Streaming with Scala. State of Monocle. Scala tooling in 2019. How to Work with Scala Collections in Java.

  16. Scala Times Issue #306

    2019 Scala Developer Survey . Lessons Learned Building a Van Laarhoven Lens Library. A Glossary of Functional Programming. Tips for moving from tut to mdoc. Notes on Category Theory in Scala 3 (Dotty).

  17. Scala Times Issue #305

    Beyond Liskov: Type Safe Equality in Scala. Scala 2 Roadmap Update: the Road to Scala 3. Explicit nulls are in!. Functional Scala London 2019: Day 1. Leveraging Monoids for More Powerful Summarization.

  18. Scala Times Issue #304

    Akka references serialization with Protobufs (up to Akka 2.5). TMWL November’19 — ScalaTest, Medusa, PW-Sat2 cubesat. Implement your future with ZIO. Decouple the Program from its Implementation with ZIO modules. ZIO environment and modules pattern: zio, scala.js, react, query management.

  19. Scala Times Issue #303

    Write your own micro BDD test framework in one day. Monoid in the Category of Endofunctors. Introducing Scala Server Toolkit. How to write a command-line application with ZIO. Picking a Languages for Introductory CS  - The Argument Against Python.

  20. Scala Times Issue #302

    Regexp Replacement via Function in Java/Scala. Rationality in a Natural World: Arithmetic at the Type-Level. Transforming Data with Embedded Spark. Migrate a service getting 200KQPS from Jackson to Circe. Scala Type Classes comparison.

  21. Scala Times Issue #301

    Functors  - From Category Theory into Cats. Tour of Akka Typed: Cluster Sharding. The Future.await(s) for no one. Service architecture in Scala. Streaming the last few minutes from Kafka using Akka Streams.

  22. Scala Times Issue #300

    How an Optimizing Compiler Works. TMWL October’19  - Scala Steward, DB index and a React hack. Working with HTTP in Polynote. How I learned to stop worrying and love FP in Scala. A real life example of isomorphisms in Scala: POST request.

  23. Scala Times Issue #299

    Kleisli Category - From theory to Cats. Presto with Doobie. Lambda World 2019. Speeding up time with Zio TestClock. Simulating IoT Events - with Zio Streams.

  24. Scala Times Issue #298

    Scala application lifecycle, from pure Scala to FS2. Top 5 things that slow down your Scala build - Triplequote. ZIO, Http4s, Auth, Codecs and zio-test. Magnolia typeclass generation for Avro. Bird Operator in Scala.

  25. Scala Times Issue #297

    Websockets in Scala using sttp. Vim with Dotty (using coc vim). Sizeof in Scala. Scala Classes - Syntax, Declaration, Use case, Examples. How to structure your Scala application?.

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