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March 26th, 2015, ISSUE 59


Async Goes Mainstream: 7 Reactive Programming Tools You MUST Know

Hot tools to do deployment, debugging, monitoring and messaging the reactive way.
Akka Typed

Introducing static type checking to Akka actors.
Introduction to scalaz-stream

Process your data and merge streams with concurrency under control.
Daniel Spiewak
Pickling Case Classes to Memcached with Scala

An elegant way to serialize and cache your data.
Brendan McAdams
Concurrency made easy with Scala and Akka

A gentle introduction into the world of actors.
Dead Code Rising


Why you might like Scala.js

Fresh video from Scala Days 2015.
Li Haoyi
How Scala is made

Take a peek into the secret recipe.
Grzegorz Kossakowski
Reactive Slick for Database Programming

How to do asynchronous database I/O with the completely new API of Slick 3.0.
Stefan Zeiger
Introduction to Scalaz

Get started with the world of Monoids, Functors and type classes.
Alois Cochard
What Makes Play Framework Fast?

Responsive + Resilient + Elastic + Message Driven = Reactive
Will Sargent


Activator: Akka cluster with CQRS and eventsourcing

A fresh activator to bootstrap a CQRS system.

An alternative to 'new', with better syntax and type inference.
Jon Pretty
sbt 0.13.8

Includes many new features such as native Maven dependency resolution.
spray 1.1.3 / 1.2.3 / 1.3.3

Mainly a bug fix release, choose your flavor.


Scalar agenda

Buckle up, here's the agenda!
Scala Symposium call for papers

June 13-14, Portland, Oregon.


Scala Support on Semaphore

With sbt built in, semaphore is now a platform supporting continuous integration of Scala projects.
Coursera: Principles of Reactive Programming

New edition of this acclaimed course by Martin Odersky, Erik Meijer and Roland Kuhn starts on April 13th.
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  1. Scala Times Issue #59

    Async Goes Mainstream: 7 Reactive Programming Tools You MUST Know. Introduction to scalaz-stream. Pickling Case Classes to Memcached with Scala. Concurrency made easy with Scala and Akka. Dead Code Rising.

  2. Scala Times Issue #58

    3 simple reasons why you need to learn Scala. Supler update: 0.3.0 release. Quicklens: traversing options and lists. Scala Collections tips and tricks. RxLift: Reactive Web Components with LiftWeb and RxScala.

  3. Scala Times Issue #57

    Eight hot technologies that were built in Scala. Sbt - A task engine. A companion booklet to "Functional Programming in Scala". Rúnar Óli Bjarnason. Scala for Machine Learning: A Review.

  4. Scala Times Issue #56

    Analyzing #TheDress with Akka Streams. Quicklens: Modify deeply nested case class fields. Transitioning To Scala. 6 months with Slick. Implementing the Reactive Manifesto with Akka.

  5. Scala Times Issue #55

    Zero-overhead Recursive ADT coproducts. Designing Fail-Fast Error Handling. Typesafe Activator 1.3.0. Why did we use Scala as our main backend language?. Scala Macros - Annotate your case classes.

  6. Scala Times Issue #54

    Moving from Java to Scala. Spark may be hotter than Hadoop, but it still has issues. Abstract algebraic data types. Error handling without throwing your hands up. Implementing operation-based CRDTs in Scala.

  7. Scala Times Issue #53

  8. Scala Times Issue #52

    DI in Akka. Akka HTTP microservice example. Visualizing Scala code style. Scala in large scale systems (part 1). Kafka @ Yahoo.

  9. Scala Times Issue #51

    Filtering Akka streams by elapsed time. Scala, Futures and "Lazy" Vals. Lift: was that a "tap"?. The rough experience with Slick. Wisp is Scala plotting.

  10. Scala Times Issue #50

    A gentle introduction to Akka Streams. Scala @ Paypal: Cascade. How is it like to use Akka in production?. MacWire 0.8.0: towards 1.0, tagging, anonymous functions support. Scalar C4P is open!.

  11. Scala Times Issue #49

    Scala 2.11.5 is released!. Purely functional #1: remotely. Purely functional #2: stoop. Scala data pipelines for music recommendations. Simulating a financial exchange in Scala.

  12. Scala Times Issue #48

    My journey away from Play Framework... and back again. Some Quick Tips for Using Scala Futures. 90 Days of Scala. Creating Reactive Streams components on Akka Streams. 3 approaches to Scala code generation.

  13. Scala Times Issue #47

    How and Why is Scala Used in Aerospace Industry?. Reactive Streams 1.0.0.RC1 Released. ScalaZ - Getting to grips with the Free Monad. Trending Scala Repositories Today.

  14. Scala Times Issue #46

    Akka Streams & HTTP 1.0 MILESTONE 2. The Cake Is A Lie. Akka Roadmap Update Dec 2014. Spark Release 1.2.0. Spray & Akka HTTP (73min).

  15. Scala Times Issue #45

    Supler 0.1.0: complex forms made easier. Scaling Akka Cluster. Akka Cluster API Routing. Configuring SBT to use 1Password. Scala: the language of agility?.

  16. Scala Times Issue #44

    An example of functional design. Java 8 vs Scala. The Difference in Approaches and Mutual Innovations. A farewell note to a programming language. Programming changes the way you think. Scala eXchange 2014 slides.

  17. Scala Times Issue #43

    Design Principles behind Akka Streams. Scala Macros - State of the meta, fall 2014. Type-safe vector addition with Dependent Types. (Oldie) Akka cluster 1. (Oldie) Traits: How Scala Tames Multiple Inheritance.

  18. Scala Times Issue #42

    Binding Futures in Lift 2. OO vs FP. Scala OOP Galore. Hands-on Scala.js (humongous size). ReactiveMongo with Akka, Scala and websockets.

  19. Scala Times Issue #41

    Debugging Scala compiler magic. Scala tips: Improving the imperfect pt.1 . Codebrag gone free and open source. Coding on Twitter. Code Examples for Programming in Scala.

  20. Scala Times Issue #40

    Renewed Reactive and Scala Forks: Dispatches from Typesafe. Akka 2.3.7 Maintenance Release. Free development resources search. Sorting on multiple fields and Tuples. Init.d and Start Scripts for Scala/Java Server Apps.

  21. Scala Times Issue #39

    Clustering reactmq with akka-cluster. Understanding Spray Client Timeout Settings. Is Scala and influence on Swift's design?. Scala 2.11.4 is now available!. JSON Parsing in Scala.

  22. Scala Times Issue #38

    Type-safe transducers in Clojure. And Scala. And Haskell.. Scaling Gilt: from Monolithic Ruby Application to Distributed Scala Micro-Services Architecture. New and upcoming Finagle examples. Trending Scala Repositories Today.

  23. Scala Times Issue #37

    Scalar Conference announced - 11.04.2015, Warsaw, Poland. Scala Best Practices. Three Reasons a Data Engineer Should Learn Scala. My favorite way of injecting dependencies in Scala. Java 8 adoption rate higher than expected.

  24. Scala Times Issue #36

    Scala: the Case for Correctness. Manipulating Data with Framian. Startup (on Spark) Crunches 100 TB/23 min. Better equality for Scala. The problematic culture of "Worse is Better".

  25. Scala Times Issue #35

    Scala - the good, the bad and the very ugly. Why did we use Scala as our main backend language?. Coming from ORM to Slick. Is Scala slowly dying?. Life with Akka.io.

  26. Scala Times Issue #34

    Reproducing Elixir's |> in Scala. An Example of Functional Programming. Map reduce with Akka and Scala: The famous word count. Notes about Valhalla from a non-Java perspective. Trending Scala Repositories Today.

  27. Scala Times Issue #33

    Leveraging annotation macros to generate caching boilerplate in Scala. Framework-less Scala Dependency Injection Framework. Are Scala forks considered harmful?. 15-minute chat with lift-ng. Apache Spark and Scala.

  28. Scala Times Issue #32

    React Conference promo codes. The reactive manifesto. Scala Times Softies: Why sometimes I hate myself. Anatomy of a tail recursive function. No Magic: Regular Expressions.

  29. Scala Times Issue #31

    Span Conference promo codes - 20% off!. New agey interview at the grocery startup. Scala founder: Language due to 'fundamental rethink'. Maximize Your Server Throughput with Scala. Trending Scala Repositories Today.

  30. Scala Times Issue #30

    Scala.io promo codes!. Typelevel Scala and the future of the Scala ecosystem. Typesafe's Commitment to the Scala Ecosystem. Why Should I Learn Scala?. Akka Roadmap Update 2014.

  31. Scala Times Issue #29

    Scala eXchange, 8-9.12.2014, London - discount & call for papers. Scala: Why it should matter to you as a business owner?. Reactive Programming with Scala and Akka. Why Google should bring Scala to Android. Akka Streams at Elder Research: Q&A with Simeon Fitch.

  32. Scala Times Issue #28

    Scala Times at Scala.io (23-24.10.2014) - discount codes incoming. Programming language subreddits and their choice of words. George Orwell's six rules for Scala programmers. I was wrong when I advocated the use of Scala. A goroutine idiom for Java and Scala.

  33. Scala Times Issue #27

    Scalaz type class 101. Scala's Modular Roots. Types of 'map' function in Haskell, Scala and Clojure. Scalaz EphemeralStream Fills Quite A Canyon. Does Java 8's lambda capability make Scala obsolete?.

  34. Scala Times Issue #26

    Scala Times banners. Scala: Next Steps. Guide to Dependency Injection in Scala. Dumping my university's database of exam results. The Evolution of Scala.

  35. Scala Times #25: The best of Scala Times #1-24

    Coding Resiliently in Scala with Akka. What's Up With Paul Phillips?. Java and Scala: Former Competitors May Be BFFs Before Long. Learning Scalaz: nescala 2014. The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started With the Play Framework.

  36. Scala Times Issue #24

    MacWire 0.7: dynamically accessing the object graph. The Wonders of Programming. Understanding and Implementing Laziness . A Reactive 3D Game Engine in Scala. Apache Spark + Typesafe = BFF.

  37. Scala Times Issue #23

    Composing Dependent Futures. Making the Internet of Things Manageable. Elixir Tasks vs Scala Futures. Why or Why Aren't You Using Scala. Trending Scala Repositories Today.

  38. Scala Times Issue #22

    Java vs. Scala: Divided We Fall. Scala Days 2014 presentation videos . Advanced Reactive Programming with Scala & Akka. Trending Scala Repositories Today. Scala.js & Facebook's React.

  39. Scala Times Issue #21

    Scala 2.12 roadmap. Akka 2.3.4 released. Scala collections flowchart. Integrating Google Drive in Play Scala application with Google+ API. Trending Scala Repositories Today.

  40. Scala Times Issue #20

    Scala is faster than Java. Option.fold() considered unreadable. Pearson correlation with Scalding. Trending Scala Repositories Today. Clash of the Lambdas.

  41. Scala Times Issue #19

    REST Test - Exploring DSL in Scala. Macroid - Scala for Android. Scala.js - what has it become and how is it used?. Testing Stateful Systems with ScalaCheck. Manage Large Amounts of Data with Iteratee.

  42. Scala Times Issue #18

    Amdahl's law says nothing about blocking operations. Handle Every Event in Your Akka Application. Reactive Queue with Akka Reactive Streams. A Year of Functional Programming. Play All Day: Enterprise Web Development with Play and Scala.

  43. Scala Times Issue #17

    Swift is a lot like Scala. Swift vs Scala [.pdf]. The No-framework Scala Dependency Injection Framework. Handling services that require explicit shutdown in Scala . Trending Scala Repositories Today.

  44. Scala Times Issue #16

    New Scala Worksheets in IntelliJ IDEA. Scalaz "For the Rest of Us". Play All Day Webinar Series. 47% of Java Pros are interested in Scala. Inside Codebrag: Angular, Grunt, Scala, Slick and Code Reviews.

  45. Scala Times Issue #15

    Scala 2.11.1 (urgent hotfix). Introduction to Writing Tests with ScalaTest. Scala Testing Webcast. Types Construction in Scala. Scala Talks by Heather Miller.

  46. Scala Times Issue #14

    Functional Discrete Optimization @ Coursera with Scala. CEP using Akka Streams. Functional Patterns in Domain Modeling. Scala - The Simple Parts. Building Scala at Scale .

  47. Scala Times Issue #13

    Play 2.3.0-RC1 released!. Why You Should Never Catch Throwable in Scala. Spray server in a Docker container. Scala for-comprehension with concurrently running futures. Obtaining Geolocation in Play using IP Address.

  48. Scala Times Issue #12

    Reactive Scala Wrapper for Amazon SQS. Confessions of a Scala evangelist turned Ruby pragmatist. Reasons behind renaissance of functional programming languages. Scaling Down the Scala Compiler Dragon. Optimizing Static Asset Loading with Play.

  49. Scala Times Issue #11

    Scala 2.11.0 available!. Spray 1.3.1 for Scala 2.11.0 available!. How to handle multiple Scala versions. Left to right, top to bottom. GSOC: Even more macros.

  50. Scala Times Issue #10

    Akka Streams . A few hints about Scala sequences. What is Type Class and why should you care?. Welcome to Scala 2.11. The Dark Side of Scala.

  51. Scala Times Issue #9

    SBuild 0.7.5 released. Transitioning to Scala. Building Reactive Applications with Akka (in Scala). Unifying Functional and Object-Oriented Programming with Scala. Pythagoras Theorem in Scala?.

  52. Scala Times Issue #8

    Upcoming sbt features. Manning: Reactive Design Patterns. The end of ORM. Scala may not be right for you if.... Combinatorial Algorithms in Scala.

  53. Scala Times Issue #7

    Using Scala Will Make You Less Productive. Monoid morphisms, products and coproducts. Will Java 8 Kill Scala?. Scala 2.10.4 released. Slick 2.0.1 released.

  54. Scala Times Issue #6

    May Your Data Ever Be Coherent. Scala Through Katas: Reverse Polish Notation. Akka Persistence webinar. Automate deployment of Scala/Java services on Elastic Beanstalk with Codeship. Faster Cosine Similarity Between Two Dicuments With Scala&Lucene.

  55. Scala Times Issue #5

    Reconciling untyped actors with typeful programming. JFokus 2014 - Akka Made Our Day. The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Play. Building a Social Music Service using... well, everything we write about. Scala 2.11.0-RC1 is now available.

  56. Scala Times Issue #4

    NE Scala 2014 - Learning Scalaz. NE Scala 2014 - Macros vs Types. NE Scala 2014: An introduction to Scalaz-Stream. Scala/Akka Wikipedia Reader. 30 SBT plugins in 15 minutes.

  57. Scala Times Issue #3

    Chisel - the hardware corner. All work and no Play doesn't scale. Scala at Google Summer of Code?. Scala Tutorial Through Katas: The Bowling Game.

  58. Scala Times Issue #2

    How's Scala community fixing the issues found by Paul Phillips?. Slick 2.0 Webinar by Stefan Zeiger. Coursera's Scala . Scala Worksheet: instant . Scala.js, a Scala to Javascript compiler.

  59. Scala Times Issue #1

    Coding resiliently in Scala with Akka. Selling Scala to Technical Managers. Huffington Post's Scala Story. GitBucket - a GitHub clone powered by Scala. Skinny - a skinny Scala framework.

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